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  • Photovoltaic Solar Electric (PV).

    Photovoltaic, PV electric systems are more affordable than ever. The latest solar panels are higher in wattage and competitively priced, making systems more powerful, and less costly.We install both Residential and Commercial PV systems.

  • Solar Water Heater

    Reduce your water heating bill by up to 85% .According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, you could save between 50% and 85% off your water heating bill. Solar Hot Water Systems have been performing faithfully or over 20 years – and with the newest technology in design and manufacturing

  • Solar Attic Ventilation

    The Solar Attic Fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home and save you money. Benefits include extending the life of your roof, reducing the heat load on your HVAC system, preventing damage and reducing moisture build-up in the attic.Attic fans, when coupled with a roof radiant heat barrier and blown insulation …

  • Blown In Insulation

    Blown-in insulation provides a dense, effective barrier against heat loss that is also among the greenest insulation options.It offers a low impact on the environment while providing immediate energy savings when installed in attics, walls and hard-to-reach spaces. Proper installation is a must for blown-in, or loose-fill, insulation.

  • Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

    We supply, maintain, and install all of the Necessary Hurricane Protection products you need. Our highly experienced and seasoned installation team is prepared to offer you the level of service you deserve, and we always strive to leave your property in a better condition than…

  • Accordion Hurricane Shutters

    Our Accordion Shutters are approved by the Miami Dade Building Code.The toughest code in the country, as well as the Florida Building Code. Our Accordion Hurricane Shutters are warrantied from any material defects or installation flaws for as long as you own your property,

  • Hurricane Proof Garage Doors

    You don’t have to compromise style for preparedness. Every door that Property Solutions offers looks great on the outside and is available with a wind load reinforcement system to withstand high-wind conditions. The hurricane resistant garage doors we offer are engineered to meet local and Florida Building codes.

  • Radiant Heat Barriers

    A radiant barrier is a reflective insulation system that offers a permanent way to reduce your monthly utility costs.Radiant barriers are installed in homes attics primarily to reduce summer heat gain and reduce cooling costs.The Radiant Barrier consists of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it.