Brand Activation

We are campaign focused and results driven.

We develop an event marketing plan that effectively communicates your brand’s message and achieves your marketing objectives. We plan the events and marketing campaigns with your consumers in mind. Our activation strategies and event environments allow consumers to touch, feel, taste, try on, or learn about your brand in an innovative and unforgettable way.

Event and experiential marketing allows your consumers the special opportunity to experience and learn about your product or service in a direct and authentic way. This on-the-ground marketing approach leaves consumers with a long-lasting, memorable impression of your brand. Amplitude will showcase your brand in a new and improved light at targeted, high-impact events. We will develop an event marketing strategy and activation plan, design and produce your event display and signage, hire your event staff, plan your event schedule, and provide post-event reporting from the event.

so that your brand can be experienced flawlessly and effectively.


Consumer Reach

How many targeted consumers would this campaign activation touch and reach.
retrn of invest

Return on Investment

Measuring benefits versus cost.

Integration capabilities

Integration with other types of marketing channels within the company.

Brand Relevance

Strategy and campaign relevant to the brand’s message and core values.
long term

Long Term Potential

Campaigns potential to gain sizeable long term benefits.


Unique value or selling proposition to get consumers attention.